The 6 biggest myths Google AdSense


There are quite a few bloggers who want to make big money quickly. Nothing seems to be as simple as Google AdSense. A few lines of code incorporated into the blog and already the ruble can roll. A few dozen articles written and coal is made it neat with blogging.

If you now eagerly nod your head (what I hope not), I must disappoint you. Then you went to one of the biggest myths about Google AdSense on the glue. You think that was everything? Far from it, here are the biggest myths about Google AdSense.
Myth number 1 - a lot of advertising brings a lot of money

Google is quite generous as regards the maximum number of in-house advertising placements. You are allowed up to

three link units
three ad units
and 2 search boxes

turn in your blog. Still it's up to whether you can degenerate into your blog a promotional desert and turn a dozen additional banners from other providers. But a blog which consists only of advertising will give you long pleasure. A discreet advertising can generate more revenue you many times as a promotional wallpaper.
I need a SEO myth number 2 - thanks to AdSense

Who has Google AdSense ads on his blog, the better ranking. It would be too good to be true, if this myth would agree. While many SEOs would then probably unemployed.

Of course, it doesn't matter whether you build an advertising by Google in your blog or not for the ranking in the search engines. Quite the contrary. If you have too much advertising at the top of your blog, it can even hurt you.
I may switch no AdSense myth number 3 - without SEO

I read this statement in an English Forum recently and I fell off the Chair, almost. Also here is Google no matter whether or not your blog's search engine optimized.

Or do you think all seriousness Google checks for every blog around the world, whether this SEO compliant furnished? Before this myth about the pond spills, best just swipe it off your list.
Myth number 4 - high income I'm blocked

Also, a myth which repeatedly crawl around in some Bloggerkreisen. Those who earn too much money with Google AdSense, is excluded from the program. This is of course haneb├╝chener nonsense.

There are websites, which earn good four-digit amounts thanks to Google AdSense in the month and Google has with security to exclude no interest in these good advertising partners.
Myth number 5 - with Google AdSense you earn as a blogger best

This statement also should be moved quickly into the realm of myth. Google AdSense one of the fastest methods might, however, with security not the best and also not the easiest. There are a variety of methods to earn money on the Internet and every blog can points in different ways.

Not for nothing speak many blogger that that for example the affiliate marketing earn the premier class for the money. There are bloggers who earn sums in the month that others would like to see in the year.
Only image ads bring myth number 6 - big money

Again, the question arises, turns as bloggers of prefer text ads or rely on image ads. Quite a few bloggers claim that image ads are the measure of all things. Yet, as with many things in life, there are only a single true statement: "It depends".

Also Google AdSense helps only to test, test and retest. Depending on the target text ads can bring more multiples than graphical banner ads.
The 6 biggest myths Google AdSense 4.5 5 Islam Online The 6 biggest myths Google AdSense There are quite a few bloggers who want to make big money quickly . Nothing seems to be as simple as Google AdSense . ...

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