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The deadline For making up Adsense is to indicate the word Advertising, i.e. English "advertising" and reveals the nature and purpose of this system.

In a nutshell it is a software tool that supports an advertising program created by Google; It allows any blogger or website owner who has an interest and pleasure to insert in your pages one or more banner ads. These are naturally preformatted, but made available in a multitude of sizes that are suitable and appropriate to be included in the maximum number of site graphics; custom colours are by the owner using an easy graphical interface.

The purpose of Adsense is to appear on your site, within the banner, the advertising of Google's customers (referred to as "advertisers"); When a reader of your site will see an advertisement that interests him and it clicks over going to visit the advertiser's site, here you will earn money.

The main feature of Adsense is the simplicity of use, within the reach of even the less experienced as it does not require particular computer skills: everything takes place through a convenient (if not always easy) interface.
How does Google Adsense

The operation of the system (after the registration the Adsense program) expects the blogger or site owner chooses the type and format of the banner you would like to edit, customize them as colors and graphics, and then copy and paste (in the pages of your site) the code provided by Google for each one.

Once posted on the page of your site, the code provided by Google does display a banner, or a gblocco plot with various advertisements. The content of the ads is generally suited to the subject of the page in question, or at least so it should be, but this does not always happen.

Each time your page is displayed on the Adsense system analyzes to figure out what to talk about and to be able to offer and display ads more thematically interesting for the reader.

They should in fact be more related to gender and the rendered content: therefore, if it will be a site of a real estate agency, for example, Adsense will try to promote real estate character listings; or a blog dedicated to the kitchen would appear ads tied to the food industry and catering industry.

The choice of advertising is absolutely independent from the owner of the code or its possible required; ads are uploaded and automatically appear based on choices made by the Google Adsense system.

The profit, as anticipated, is by clicking that make visitors to your site (or blog) on banner advertising, and it depends obviously from their aprezzamento and interest in your content.

At the end of each month Google will turn to the webmaster gain a percentage of the proceeds from the income.

Where and how to place Adsense banners

First, we can say that any kind of website or blog, almost without exclusions, may require the Adsense affiliate and get the code page to use for the automatic insertion of advertisements. We say "almost without eslcusioni" why of course there are some issues that cannot accommodate Adsense banners: these are sites that offer illegal content, hacking techniques, pornographic or violent material, suggesting or allow violations to ethical/moral values universal, and still others as specified by Google's rules.

Having said that, all other sites and blogs are eligible to become partners in the Google Adsense program, also known as "pubbisher".
Banner formats

The interesting part of this programme covers the wide variety of available banner formats, allowing positioning at taste of webmaster virtually all existing layout and thought; the choice of the size always favour the personal management of each site administrator thereof.

Depending then the style of website or blog you can customize the banner from the graphic point of view, the color and font, to capture the visitor's gaze and ensure that it intrigued (and you click above).

Of course this great simplicity exposes the system to the risk of fraud and scams by users of sites just honest. One of these risks is what could derive from absurd fake click campaigns made by the site manager (or his friends) to fraudulently increase income; to remedy everything Google has adopted the software can accurately and meticulously check the regularity of the click.
Click fraud risk
Google also clearly warns webmasters to guard them from the temptation to do it himself (or make) bursts of clicks on your banner ad arte: the threat is one that, if discovered, he would immediately revoked its contract with Adsense and would be expelled from the program. They even blocked payments accrued up to that point and not yet collected.

In addition to keeping a regular and correct behaviour with regard to clicks, i.e. don't make them yourself on their sites, but you must also be capable of producing interesting content, or enter the site articles and manicured, structured lyrics and always with a certain level of quality, interesting and useful to the reader. The growing affluence of visitors who are attracted by the excellent articles and interesting topics, will certainly the percentage of those who, inspired by banner consoni, decide to click on it and read its contents, thus making up the earnings of the owner of the site or blogger.

The explanation of payment methods adopted by Google to calculate the percentages due to webmasters is explicitly stated during registration for the system, when personal data are required of the owner of the site and related information for recieve Commission cheque or crediting on bank account.
Make money with Google Adsense

The revenue from Google Adsense, like everything about the gain of money in Italy, has always been covered by a wall of silence and secrecy. Difficult to understand what the money and how much it can earn the owner of a site or a blog.

According to figures from the United States that it would seem that only 40% of "Affiliate publishers", i.e. the operators of sites that take part in the Adsense program, earn more than $ 400 per month.

The right to increase the earnings of course always depends on the commitment to maintain updated their site in caring in an intelligent way of arranging banners within the pages in order to make them captivating and not boring, and encourage spontaneous vision; don't underestimate the amount of items or inserted periodically in the news site.
Number of banners on a site

The maximum number of Adsense banners that you can place on a site is 3 and cannot overtake. Add other leads to the risk of having the account suspended. But even the maximum number isn't always ideal, in the sense that for logic put many banners in a site is interesting but could in theory lead to the maximization of profits, but sometimes instead the overpayment because adverse effects or unpleasant.

Therefore, the fundamental activities that must worry about the webmaster is to generate traffic to your site through quality content, having obviously placed the right number of Adsense banners in optimal positions of the page and with the most suitable colors.
Alternative to Adsense

Clearly there are other programs like Google Adsense that you pay-per-call advertising and may also provide textual banner insertions or other search engines, so it is up to the master to make the appropriate choices.
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