4 definitive tips to make money with AdSense


AdSense, in its simplicity, is a fairly complex program. The options available are so many, so you are likely to go wrong way or walk path which limit the gains. The web 2.0 is said to every detail makes a difference, in AdSense every detail is crucial for success.

Thousands of publishers implement the ads in an inefficient, write articles of poor quality, are penalized by the Smart Pricing and complain about their poor earnings. Here are 4 simple tips and tricks to get the most out of AdSense, the 4 non-discounted notes that make a winning site.

Place your ads Above the Fold

"Above the fold" represents that part of the visible page the visitor without scrolling. Place the ads in this way is the number one secret to AdSense, for several reasons:

It is the first part of the page that you load and is immediately visible. Why offer been choices for the visitor, who often follows before the page finishes loading. By placing your ads at the bottom don't make them load risk, because as said before the visitor could leave before the end of the load.
It seems ridiculous, but sometimes users won't notice the scroll bar and spend all their time visiting standing above the fold.

Algorithm level, ads that appear first are the most profitable of the page.

To obtain even better results, you should leave "few options" to visitors, by inserting zero or very few top links. A header with a logo and ads is much better (in terms of CTR) than a header with a logo, link and several ads.

Do you know the Smart Pricing

The Smart Pricing is the main mechanism of the AdSense algorithm; If you know you know AdSense Smart Pricing! There are those who are penalized by this mechanism, there are those who will be benefited, so you have to necessarily take it in your favor. You can do so in only one way, with quality content.

Quality refers to the quality according to Google, in practice you have to follow a set of guidelines that Google detects and automatically judges. The most important are:
Fresh, wholesome content, not duplicates.
SEO: the AdSense quality score is extremely tied to Quality Score in Google SERP's. So the page is popular, most items are discussed, most updates are frequent, more relevant content etc, more you will be rewarded by the Smart Pricing and more you will earn per click. Among other things in addition to the Smart Pricing benefits you will receive many more visits by search engines, and then the profits will increase by a lot.
Conversions: If you click do not convert into sales for advertisers then Google will categorize as a site of poor quality and you will be penalized. If this lasts for a long time you could be banned from the program for invalid clicks. Since the clicks that convert more are usually not those forums and homepages, it might be a good idea to remove ads from these areas. The Smart Pricing of all the AdSense account (other sites including) gains and should give better earnings clicks.

Imagine the Smart Pricing as a quality index from 0 to 1. This does nothing but determine your EPC, i.e. the amount you earn per click. Here is an approximate scheme:

EPC = $ AdWords Advertiser * Smart Pricing * Other Factors

If then the AdWords advertiser spend 1 dollar for a keyword and your Smart Pricing is 0.2 are decidedly limiting your earnings. You'll just have to take it to 0.6 to triple your income, and so on.

Implements properly classified ads

This is perhaps the most common mistake of publisher. The fondamentale rule is to make the ads part of the site, the layout of the page that hosts them. This is your goal. Your visitors do not need to understand that the ads are advertising links, or cliccheranno them little or nothing. So here are some tips:
  • Use textual ads,for get those graphs.The first can be customized according to your needs,you can only as sorbirteli seconds.
  • The background color of ads must be the same as the area of the page that hosts the ads.If your page is white does not highlight the ads using a yellow background, or people will understand that it is advertising.
  • The colorof theAdSense ad links(the first line of the ad) must be the same as the link of your page. If you use green links,your ads must have green links. Since AdSense links are underlined,you should use the underline for links in your page.This will make the ads part of your content.
  • The color of the url in your ad (the latesthigh-speedline) must be the same color that is used for text.The url should not stand out compared to description or visitors will understand that this is an external link.
  • Do not use the Board, because the border is synonymous with advertising. If some parts of your site are the edges, place ads in similar are as surrounded by borders created through css, of course without ever breaking the rules.
  • Use the correct formats:absolutely the best are the 336×280 large rectangle, 728×90 Leaderboard and Skyscraper 160×600 (for use in sidebar).

Implement the ads in this way should improve CTR of thousands of publisher.

Never stop testing

The 3 point) has a general character; It is said that all tips work into your site. That's why you need to test different ad formats continually, various sizes, various colors. One of the best strategies that many underestimate this, try and try again.

The details make the difference, test and analyze the results with serious and precise methods such as the Advanced reports is a great move for success. The goal is the continuous improvement of the CTR, each test should be compared with the others you have to choose the one that provides the best results. At that point the job is not finished! Start another test to exceed previous results, etc..

Clearly beyond these aspects shortly granted there are those more obvious; in particular the traffic. Without traffic, without visitors, day after day, your earnings will be quite inconsistent.

Now I ask you, how many people who complain to AdSense use these strategies?
4 definitive tips to make money with AdSense 4.5 5 Islam Online 4 definitive tips to make money with AdSense AdSense, in its simplicity , is a fairly complex program . The options available are so many , so you are likely to go wrong way ...

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